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  • Studio Sunggi Park

    Studio Sunggi Park’s first official exhibition in Seoul, Korea

    Since I launched ARCHINSPACE.COM in 2011, this November, 2016, SSP, ( Studio Sunggi Park | Sup ) will open officially with exhibition in Seoul, Korea. Thanks to all friends and colleagues’ support, finally luckily I have a chance to show company profile to public. You could visit from Tuesday, 1st, November to Saturday, 5th, November at JCC Creative Center, 35gil 29, Changkyunggoong-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea. Please, feel free to visit…

  • Studio Sunggi Park
    Studio Sunggi Park

    SSP, Studio Sunggi Park Open!

    Welcome to visit SSP, Sunggi Park Studio, / SSP is an inter-disciplinary design studio between Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. SSP in English literally means Studio Sunggi Park, and ㅅㅜㅂ(Korean) sounds exactly same like SSP or SUP(/sup/). In Korean there are a couple of different meanings. The first one is “Forest (숲)”. The reason why we use “Forest” in our brand is that SSP is positioned at intersection…

  • Studio Sunggi Park

    2015, Reconfigured Vernacular, was Honorable Mentioned by UIA

    International Architectural Competition for 10th Korean Rural Architectural Competition, Korea with UIA Published in official website and Exhibited in Korea (will update after receiving exhibition photos from organizer) To review all winners’ projects :

  • Studio Sunggi Park

    2015, Walking on Clouds,Reconfigured Infrastructure, was exhibited at SODA Museum, Korea

    Walking on Clouds   Reconfigured Infrastructure was Exhibited at SODA Museum, Korea   Museum official website :   Official Poster

  • Studio Sunggi Park

    2015, Master Thesis, “Walking on Clouds”, was Special Mentioned, d3 Unbuilt Vision Competition 2014

    Walking on Clouds, Reconfigured Infrastructure was  Special Mentioned d3 Unbuilt Vision Competition 2014 Competition Winners Result on Bustler : Archdaily : Project Description on Bustler :

  • Studio Sunggi Park

    [Update] ‘Vertical Diastrophism’ Exhibition Photos, cleveland, 2011

    I’ve just found some updated photos recently at d3 competition website, Again, the project featured and exhibited in Cleveland, 2011 host by AIA.

  • Studio Sunggi Park

    News on notice board, Harvard GSD and Cornell AAP

    News on notice board, Harvard GSD and Cornell AAP Link :    

  • Studio Sunggi Park

    2012 Project, TURBULENCE, Online Publication

    Special thank you for all power blogs below. 1., 2., 3. Archello,

  • Studio Sunggi Park

    TURBULENCE, International architectural competition for a Public Library with UIA, was Honorable Mentioned

      Recent project, ‘TURBULENCE‘, was honorable mentioned at international architectural competition for a public library in Daegu, Korea with UIA. Even though this is second–time award competition organized by UIA, I haven’t won yet among several competitions. However, I appreciate that I am still growing and alive in architecture with participating diverse competitions. Thank you for all my family members support me in Korea. In addition, special thanks to Seung–hyun Yuh and Se Hyeon Kim, 2nd prize winner. Very soon, I will upload my project.