Project Overview


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea




International Competition




Chansem Park   Gayeon Park


Urbanyards (Landscape)


Project Description

How should we design Korea’s representative literature museum that will be placed on the hillside of northern Seoul? Literature means that art and its works using language as the medium of expression. When we read, even if we don’t read it aloud out of our mouth, we read the text back and forth in our brain. So, we interpret and read written texts at their own pace and according to their own rhythms. Every literature consists of a certain level of rhythm. Especially, Korean literature is a literature that stands out in rhythm. Typical rhythmical techniques used in genres such as stereotypical Sijo and Pansori, which have a sound of 3 or 4 rhythms. (playing words with similar pronunciation).
Written in a heavy-weight book, it may feel dry, but literature is a soft and rhythmic genre. And today’s generation where the phenomenon of avoiding texts is serious. Could it be possible to lower the barrier to entry to literature by highlighting the characteristics related to the sound of literature? Wouldn’t it be possible to feel and reinterpret literature even creating your own rhythm rather than simply reading it? We aim to provide an opportunity for people to feel literature by expressing the hidden features of Korean literature architecturally.