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Seoul Metropolitan Government




International Competition




Youngjae Kim

Project Description

What should it be, if the first museum related to photography had to be built in Seoul, Korea?
Photography was evolved through several generations as a storage medium that captures moments. Original camera was evolved from the camera obscura which was called a dark room in Latin (we learned at school that it was a Pin hole camera) Since the camera obscura revealed in the world, cameras were continuously developed into a several different methods such as heliography, daguerreotypes, calotypes, dry plates or film. Then now it became a digital SLR camera or a digital cellphone through a series of generations such as TLR or SLR. There are minor differences in the way it is, but commonly it uses the “straightness of light” in a dark space to accept the light and record the moment. In order to have portability, the media to be photographed have evolved in various forms, but the basic underlying mechanism and character has remained as the original was. So the goal of our proposal is creating a space where people can experience what the discipline of the original camera in the photography museum. Until the 17th century, before the invention of image capturing technology, camera was conceived as a dark room to partially receive light through the window, where it was drawn and recorded by painters. Pentaprism was invented for image correction with necessity of miniaturization. Inspired by the process of camera evolution, we wanted to create a museum that allows inside visitors to see outside scenery from the inside of the museum through mirrors and to see the interior of the museum from the outside of the building at the same time. So, a 45-degree wall scaled mirror was placed on the first floor and the fourth floor of the museum.