Project Overview


Siheung City, Gyeonggi Providence








Namhyun Kim (Local Architect)

Project Description

The concept of this project lies in the idea that the rapidly changing and constantly developing current society needs a library with the unprecedented functions more than merely contemporary functions of saving or distribution of knowledge. Industrial Revolution, which enabled mass production of items, is followed by the Information Age that has facilitated the access among people, transportation, and information. The aim of the design is to create a new quality of public life, reflect the present in this city and social interaction for the citizens of Daegu and express an openness that includes all ages and attracts new users including tourists. The project represents a library that is able to accelerate and, at the same time, maintain sharing of information within the era, in which the way of conveying information has changed and confusions rise from the flood of indiscriminate information. Libraries should break out and advance forward from its current and past functions of storing information and from the era of linking information, so called ‘hyperlinks.’