Project Overview


Dong-gu District, City of Daejeon, Republic of Korea




International Competition


Museum (Memorial Hall)


Urbanyards (Landscape)


Project Description


What should a park look like in a place where people can easily accessible while facing the shady historical past and remembering the victims?

People are uncomfortable and tend to ignore dark truths. In particular, there are many people who do not know well about the massacre of civilians during the Korean War, and even today many people deny it. We thought that more people should visit this space, know the truth of its history, and remember the victims. Therefore, we hoped that this space would not be an unpleasant and dark space that people can only come to if they make a big decision, but rather a space where people can come back lightly at any time and feel the heavy resonance and return, and this concept was reflected in our design. In addition, we thought that we, living in the present, should reflect on the past and prepare for the future through it so we intended to design a space where the past, the present, and the future coexist.