Project Overview


Incheon Yeonsu-gu Office




International Competition


Youth Center


Seunghoon Lee   Daero Lee   Misook Kim


Jaeygong Architects (Architecture)  |  Urbanyards (Landscape)   | ARUP (Structure)


Honorable Mention


Project Description


What should Incheon’s youth center look like, located in the international city of Songdo? In the past, Ahamdo island had the property of being a place where tourists visiting Songdo Beach would line up to see Ahamdo on foot at high tide, and disappear into the sea at low tide. We would like to create a place to reminisce the memories of that time in the youth center located near the place. So, we propose a youth center that reflects the geographical and historical characteristics of Songdo international city. In the past, it was a horizontal passageway for tourists at high tide, yet the youth center that we propose reinterprets the memories and suggests a vertically continuous passageway. As youths climb the vertical labyrinth, youths will encounter a variety of activity programs such as a bakery room, dance practice room, beauty studio, etc. Youths walk vertically up the stairs to the program space of their choice. However, youths can also visually see other youths in different rooms stumble upon, giving youths the opportunity to experience a variety of other programs.