Project Overview


Seoul Metropolitan Government






Historical Preservation + Museum



Project Description


From the old Uijeong, located in the square in front of Gwanghwamun, it is a place that contains traces of history and should be open to citizens. Our design intent is to preserve these traces and make it a place that can be restored in the future, so that citizens of the open plaza can easily reminiscence them. To this end, the remains of the preservation are made into a canopy that illuminates the traces of the floor so that citizens can pass through this place and naturally encounter traces of the past, even if they do not visit this place for the purpose of viewing. In addition, the newly built exhibition hall is designed to be a glass building with minimal details so as not to interfere the surrounding context as much as possible and not interfere with the appearance of the Jeongbondang and Hyeopseondang to be restored in the future, so that it can be harmoniously blended into the traces of history.