How architects deal with the radical shift of the workplace in this era? In the past, workplace regarded as a place to produce the knowledge or products with highly efficient way, yet today the notion of workplace completely shifted from the physical one into the intangible one called cloud. In the 20th century, architecture weight much influenced by the notion that form follows function by Louis Sullivan. When we talk about modern architecture, modern is generally characterized by simplicity of form and an absence of applied decoration. 20th century architecture began with efforts to reconcile the principles underlying architectural design with rapid technological advancement and the modernization of society. Not only Sullivan, but also world master architects such as Le Corbusier or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, influenced the architectural style until the 21st century. Recently, we can easily glance that there is more like an intangible transformation like a cloud service. In the same vein, architecture shouldn’t be just influenced by the function any more. So, what I’d like to address today is that it’s time to consider the feelings or atmospheres rather than taking modernists’ idea when we design in architecture. Jacob, head designer in Bang & Olufsen already said that Form follows feelings. All in all, through a wide range of research in music industry, what I found out is that there is a possibility to incorporate physical producing studios and playing concert halls as well as bring some manufacturing and test rooms. It could be a new platform that it stimulates music industry and bring people here in Amsterdam together not only for economic booming but also for cultural venues.
Why in Amsterdam? Top 10 recorded music market, but digital revenues are still underperforming because of illegal downloading in Netherlands. Despite this advance in the digital sector in the world, total sales are expected to have declined in recent years, due to heavy falls in physical format sales. However, based on world record, there is a huge potentiality of providing innovative workplace with very different sound experiences especially in Amsterdam where diverse concerts or clubs still actively occur unlike other Europe countries’ do. Every year and entire period, notable and huge amount of people in music industry are gathered in order to participate in world best music festival in Amsterdam. Launching innovative sound experiencing space would be a great opportunity for accommodating different cultures and generations.
Architecture has evolved endlessly with cutting-edge technology in several decades radically without any hindrances. Technology influenced the architecture in many aspects for their physicality rather than emotional senses, thus architects aimed to design only for environmental conditions. Yet, now, it is time to consider the five human senses for doing architecture. By doing so, architects not only open up new ways to experience a building, but also outline new ways that architecture can affect our lives. There is no doubt that architecture is one of the best vehicles to influence our living environment especially for the workplace. Thus, architects should take an account into taking an idea that the quality of sound allows us to raise efficiency and productivity in the workspace as well as an urban space. This research wouldn’t be completed to cover the extensive realm of sound scape, yet would be helpful for someone who wants to indulge further study of architecture for sound.