What should be existed for the future in Europe?
When and where? What and how? What it is for? Why?


We originally started this idea that architecture is not just a symbolization of certain idea, but a way to emerge people into their culture and environment.
The primary concept is suggesting a new living typology related to the future context of European countries. Geographical boundary of EU has been changed by policies and climate changes throughout the century, but European seas emerge boundaries of current EU nations and potential members. We propose a new type of architectural platform on the sea. The main purpose of this idea is a positive evolution of European Union rather than reminiscence or symbolization in one specific site. There are a lot of elements that make Europe Union differ from other nations. Each member country has its own nationality and identity. This diversity and union-ship allow each country to interact with other members and maintain many different cultures from around the European countries.


Not only cultural context, but also geographical condition shows its diversity and possibility of transition. Europe Union would expand its geographical boundary which shows higher possibility of being changed from current condition than other nations. Also, rising sea level is a factor that has a great effect on EU’s environmental context.