This idea was inspired by the chaos theory. Based on this theory, a small change in the initial conditions of nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, a phenomenon known as the butterfly effect. In this design, one activity leads people to create another activity. I consider the gallery entrance as an attractor.
Turbulent air flow causes the white balls to fluctuate inside of the balloon. When visitors enter the gallery, they push the surface of the balloon, thereby affecting the interaction of the balls inside the balloon. Also, pedestrians can tap it.
This interaction is highly sensitive to the number of people and the strength of vibration of visitors. Air flow inside of the large balloon scatter the small balls on the air, and variations of the velocity of the air flow move people’s feeling. One visitor’s activity results in attracting another visitor by making the balls fluctuate like butterflies.
Because of unique structure the Cooper Union building on ground floor, it was necessary to design with a holistic view without fragmenting the facade. Different angled faces are unified into one volume.
To maximize the effect of the new façade system, the volume was filled with air. Within the maximized volume, the white balls of different sizes move freely; this movement can change the façade of the gallery, milavec Hakimi Gallery.