The project started analysing the physical and ideological discontinuation of two continents. Initially, two continents merely appear separated in appearance, yet exists a plate of earth connecting both continents. The tunnel shows that the two islands are connected physically and innately.


We have chosen to select the shortest axis that connects the two continents. This is due to visualize the interconnection more clearly. The tunnel passes through the edges of the Diomede Islands, allowing an easy access to the pedestrians. In the void areas, the upper plate protects the lower level from wind and rain. The upper plate uses a double-skin to create an illusion that the two continents are not separated, but are one continuous land. After calculating the structural ability and efficiency necessary for this structure, we have created a design with two plates using the least possible surface area. The structure is also designed to protect the existing ecological system. We believe this tunnel will develop into a unique space.



In order to show that Bering history exists, we have raised a portion of the land. The raised land is framed to be transformed into a sturdy upper structure. This framed upper plate is cantilevered and rotated at a slight angle. Texts are also imprinted underneath the upper plate.


This project required research on climate and ecology of Bering Strait. Since climate and ecology are extreme, The analytical charts drew basically based on the calculation of wind velocity, wind pressure, floating glaciers, and temperatures of two Diomede Islands.


 Meaning of pair and parallel

The two plates have identical volumes, symbolizing that they work as a pair. The base plate conjures the past, the ocean symbolizes the present, and the imprinted upper plate represents the future. The proposal is to simultaneously depict the past, present, and future in order to overcome the barriers of time and nations.



Base plate interconnects two Diomede Islands through pathways, public squares and various gardens to lead to the Park of Peace. It will maximize the meanings of peace park through the lights, reflection and portraits from the digital screen of upper plate.
The upper plate contains infrastructures such as research and development systems, residential and void spaces. For the reason void spaces to be mixed with infrastructures is to be correspond as ambivalent in change after further development.
The base plate connecting the two Diomede Islands has various pathways, entertainment facilities, public squares, and greenery that lead to the Park of Peace. The Park of Peace maximizes its symbolic meaning through lights, reflections, and portraits that are flashed onto a digital screen across the upper plate.
Rooftop of the bridge functions as a circulation for vehicles and provides a resting place for pedestrians during the warm seasons. Some areas have not been given specific functions, so that programs could be adjusted freely according to developments that take place in the future.
Two continents are linked through the tunnel and it is fundamentally exposed among the two Diomede Islands. This produces a dramatic scene at the international date line that exaggerates the visual impact of two islands.
The tunnel is divided into two sections: one for auto vehicles the other for trains. Placing the ventilation facilities at a uniform interval visually indicates that the bridge is connecting the two continents.
After a thorough technical research of the tunnel, we decided to use a thermal chimney as a natural ventilation system. The thermal chimney is driven by the movement of the differences in air temperature of the inside and outside. In order to change the natural draft more efficiently, lighting was designed to be placed on the chimney. The lighting functions as a communication tool between the two continents.