Project Overview


Incheon Housing and City Development Corporation + LH




International Competition


Museum + Library


Dayoon Oh   Donghyun Kim   Taerim Kim   Hyein Jo   Jaehyun Jung   Sophia Lopes de Carvalho   


Urbanyards (Landscape)


Honorable Mention 

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Project Description

What should the cultural complex, museum and public library, located in the neighborhood park of Incheon Geomdan New Town look like?
As the artifacts excavated during the development process show, the Geomdan New Town area has been a place of life from the Neolithic Age to the Joseon Dynasty then now the Geomdan New Town is about to rise as a central city in the northwestern part of Incheon through an influx of more than 180,000 people. The museum and public library complex, which will be constructed at this site, should be a space where citizens remember the past time of Geomdan and share knowledge as well as a future-oriented place where people coexist with nature. We minimized to transform topographical conditions given to the site to preserve pre-existing ecological condition and proposed a wave-shaped building mass so that museum and library could blend into the existing ecosystem. The museum and public library complex symbolizes a wave of connection and coexistence that connects the two ecosystems, which were divided into the northwest and southeast of the site, unlike the past method of breaking the continuity of the ecosystem with the construction of new cultural complex. Thus, we would like to call this proposal, “Tidal of Time and Wisdom”. The Tidal of Time and Wisdom, is a museum and public library complex as an ecologically-friendly yet completely new local landmark that has never been seen before in the target area to be developed as a high-tech urban waterside complex with various functions.
Our proposed, Tidal of Time and Wisdom, would create unprecedented landscaped figure which is harmonized on topographical site and wave-shaped mass while preserving nature and coexisting as part of the ecosystem in Incheon Gumdan New Town. Hope Incheon’s citizens would have new experiences.