Project Overview


Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH)




International Competition


Historical Preservation + Museum



Project Description

How could architects design the development of shipyard that is no longer needed? Infrastructures that have believed to be permanent changed over time and are losing their inherent functions and being obsolete. As architects, should we only propose new construction with top down method? Is there any fundamental way for regeneration? What we want to accomplish in this site is not to develop a series of iconic buildings such as Malmö in Sweden or Bilbao in Spain, but rather to create a place where anyone can reminisce the past and can come back again to remember its past and its presence as Zollverein coal mine in Germany.

We propose a new elevated landscape platform to preserve the historical characteristics of the site intact and the end goal is creating sustainable villages embracing locals, rather than a one-stop destination for tourists. For this purpose, only a minimal building is demolished and a well-preserved building with mural paintings remains as it is. Some buildings are left with only the structural frame, leaving behind the remnants of the past, and at the same time, the developed green platform becomes a plaza for various activities that anyone can participate in it. The buildings, which has only structural frames, act as a vertical link between the existing yard and the new landscape platform, and bring light to the ground level. The site that was disconnected due to vehicle roads can be interconnected through an elevated platform, and the entire site formed a single loop, Waterfront promenade, allowing strolling, biking, and site-seeing.